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Our kids aren't one-size-fits-all.

And their education shouldn't be either. As a Board Member since 2016 and as a Children's Advocate, I've been doing the work to make sure all our children have the opportunity to succeed - take a look at what we've accomplished so far. I’d be honored to earn your vote.

Amy with the Markham Elementary Timberwolf at the Loop the Lagoon fundraiser.

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Recognizing Every Child's Unique Abilities

Special education serves a wide spectrum of children with learning and physical disabilities – we need to recognize the challenges and gifts of these exceptional children and their families.


Empowering Families and Communities

I voted for and will continue to support Elite Public Schools - a community-driven effort for a Board-approved school that’s already bridging the opportunity gap in its second year of operation.


Meeting Youth Where They Are

“It’s easier to build strong children then repair broken men.” Investments in alternative education programs get young people started on the right path, without turning a blip into a life-defining moment.  We’re offering them an education that empowers them to succeed.

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What does the Solano County Board of Education do?

County Offices of Education support local school districts – like Fairfield-Suisun and Vacaville – by performing tasks that can be done more efficiently and economically at the county level. County offices provide a wide range of services, including special and vocational education, programs for youth at risk of failure, and instruction in juvenile detention facilities.

The Solano County Board of Education has direct oversight of the County Office of Education budget, education at the Juvenile Detention Facility, Golden Hills Alternative Education, Special Education Programs, and responsibility for inter-district transfer appeals, expulsion appeals and charter appeals. Additionally, the Board is the authorizer for countywide Solano County charter schools.

The Board of Education does not have authority over County Office salary negotiations or school districts within the county, and our Superintendent is directly elected by the people – just like those of us who serve on the Board of Education. It’s referred to as a “Shared Governance Model” which results in a very different operating structure from our local school districts.

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Here's What I Believe:


“That’s the way we’ve always done it” is not acceptable if it’s not moving the needle where it counts. It must be improving the ability for students to succeed – or it needs to be changed.

I’m a Mom first. I know that parents know their kids better than anyone and should be the leaders in the education process for their children. Creating choices for parents and choices for communities must be a key part of the future of education.

As a Board Member, I’m always proud to bring out the pom-poms and cheerlead the successes of the Office of Education and our programs. But I have a duty to use the microscope, too, and I’m not afraid to call attention to deficiencies. There’s always room for improvement, and I’ll always be willing to do the hard work to make corrections.

There should only be one “special interest group” in education: Students. I refuse to play politics with our children’s education, and that’s how I’ve earned wide, bi-partisan support from throughout our communities – and I’m honored to have it.

We aren’t going to agree on everything – but if doing what’s right for our students and families is important to you, we agree on the most important thing.

In school, attendance counts. I’ve never missed a Board Meeting – not once in four years.

Elected officials should be accountable and accessible. My home number in Vacaville is 453-1049, my cell phone is listed right on my ballot statement for constituents. My email address is amy @ My Facebook page is @AmySharpCA and my Instagram page is @AmySharpForEducation. I respond to calls, texts, emails, DMs, however you want to reach me.

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"Amy is committed to raising the bar on the equity of education and closing the opportunity gap that prevents all students from meeting their potential. Her dedication to special education and second chance students is heartfelt."

Peggy Cohen Thompson, President

Solano County Board of Education

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